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Verify ID

Why you should verify your profile

Build up trust with potential tenants by verifying your identity.

Uncertainty is never good.

People who visit our website know that it is hard to find a LGBTQ+ friendly rental. Our visitors face discrimination and hate when looking for rentals. That’s not a good thing. That’s the reason why they came to us. We know that, despite steps towards a brighter and better future for LGBTQ+ people, intolerance, discrimination and violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer renters still happens.

 Let’s not make it harder for our visitors by not showing them that you are a person who they can trust. It’s just another hurdle on a course that’s filled with obstacles already.

 In today’s world, everyone John Doe can go online and create a profile or an account. Duping people into thinking your someone else or catfishing happens. A lot. Combine this point with the fact that there are still many Anti-LGBTQ+  people out there and you have a recipe for disaster. How do we deal with this?

 Imagine the following situation: A visitor of our website is looking for a nice and LGBTQ+ friendly apartment. They click on your listing. The pictures and description look promising to them. There’s a slight problem, however. How can a visitor trust you?

 Although we vet listings and profiles on our website, it still creates friction when visitors have to give you the benefit of doubt. You could be anyone for them. Our visitors would rather choose to go with someone who they know is a real person without any bad intentions.

 Why not make their experience as smooth and pleasant as possible? Luckily, we have a straightforward solution for this obstacle. Let us verify your identity.

 Verification makes your profile look genuine

Profile verification isn’t exactly a new idea when it comes to internet platforms. You probably know those blue ticks on someone’s Instagram, Facebook or Twitter profile. Big names and brands have them. But It’s not about being famous. It shows other users that you’re the real deal and not just a fake account. It’s actually you who is handling the profile.

 We at make use of the same simple solution. Users can submit their identification card (ID) to verify their identity and profile. It’ll then be checked and you will receive a badge on your profile.

 All of a sudden, we have a completely new situation. Another potential LGBTQ+ visitor notices your listing. They’re interested and click on it. The first thing our visitor notices? The profile is verified by us. They feel secure and will happily contact you to inquire about your house or apartment listing.

 Potential housemates looking for a LGBTQ+ friendly rental will know that you’re a real, genuine person. The badge definitely builds trust. They won’t hesitate to interact with you no more.

 A win-win situation for everyone. Visitors of your listing will know that you’re real and will trust you. And you? Well, potential tenants trusting you can’t be a bad thing. You will receive more inquiries from people interested in your apartment or home listings.

Keep our community safe - and get more business

How do we go about verifying your account? We make use of where you can verify your identity by submitting your personal ID. Upgrade to one of our plans - which you can find here - and the identity verification will be free. No additional costs whatsoever.

 So, let’s take an easy step towards making our community safer. But it’s not only about that. We also know about your perspective. Verifying your profile greatly increases the amount of  potential housemates from which you can choose.