Here’s where to find LGBTQ+ support centers around the world.


It’s important to know where your nearest LGBTQ+ support centre is while you’re traveling, especially in unfamiliar countries. Of course, every room listed on Gay Room Rentals is vetted by our staff so you can feel secure while traveling with us. But you should still know where to find the right support for you. So, we’ve compiled a list of LGBTQ+ hotlines and groups for you to be aware of while you’re exploring the world.

Getting help can be a challenge. We’re fixing that as your go-to LGBTQ+ travel site.

The first step in reaching our goal is ensuring your safety in the home you’re staying in. You can expect hosts to either be part of the LGBTQ+ community or a strong supporter of it. Next is getting you in touch with the nearest LGBTQ+ support group.

Our goal is to promote all-inclusive atmospheres wherever you go. Unfortunately, not every country is as open-minded as we’d like, but they’re mostly going in the right direction. You should always protect yourself as you travel and should never feel limited to where you can go just because of your gender or sexuality.

What you can expect to get from an LGBTQ+ support group.

First and foremost, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief knowing you’re in a place that’s completely accepting of you. If you ever need a breather, these locations or hotlines should be at the top of your list (along with the Gay Room Rentals accommodation you rent).

You can also expect mental health support and physical health support. Not every LGBTQ+ help centre has all of the necessary personnel or materials to give you all the assistance you need right there. But they will absolutely guide you in the right direct and facilitate booking appointments with the appropriate—and accepting—medical professionals.

Lastly, you’ll find like-minded people. You might get some insight into local gay or queer culture, and maybe even a new friend! Each centre is as welcoming as you are. We’re happy to help you travel with confidence.

List of LGBTQ+ Hotlines and Help Centres Around by Country